About Us

About Jason Brim


Jason Brim started his career and life long obsession with rocks and gems at the age of two by picking up pebbles in local parking lots. Jason has been in the trade since 2002. 

Prior to that, he considered the Priesthood and attended and graduated from seminary. But his love of gems and color drew him back again to precious stones. 

Since 2002, he has been selling online. He started out very small but with big dreams. 16 years later he’s still at it; striving to provide quality gems and excellent customer service. 

I invite you to write me with any questions or thoughts you may have. My personal email address is jason@gemsglorious.com

What We Offer

GemsGlorious has a large range of center stones for fine jewelry. We specialize in color. If we do not have the stone you need in stock, we can likely source it for you or even have it custom cut for you. 

If you have uncut gems and need them cut, we offer this service. We utilize cutting services in Thailand at very reasonable rates. Contact us for more information.

Why should you buy from GemsGlorious?

We have been in the gem trade for almost two decades and have the contact, the experience and the expertise to help you find that perfect gem for your center stone.